Hey there I’m Hannah.

I created this website for the sole purpose of bringing likeminded sailing enthusiast together in the South of England.

This website is designed to provide a one stop shop of anything you need to know about sailing on the south coast, from cruising down the Solent to sailing holidays ( coming soon), learning to sail, events and racing regattas to just networking with other clubs and individuals. Whether you’re into having fun on the water with a topper dinghy to super yacht racing, or just keen to get on a sailing boat of any description, this is the place to be.  

About me – I grew up on the south coast, spending many of my summer holidays with my parents and grandparents sailing from Emsworth harbour to the Isle of Wight on their 34ft yacht. In amongst the family squabbles, being stranded on a small boat on the water with four adults and ducking the mast whilst tacking, I managed to survive. At the time, I didn’t realise how lucky I was.  It was only recently, having returned from several years away, did I realise how fortunate I was to grow up on the South coast of England and have the beauty of the Solent at my doorstep.

My travels took me to mostly Italy were I spent several years and had the privilege of living near the bay of Naples, a glorious area of the world, where you are so spoilt with the weather and fair weather sailing (not the mention the pizza and pasta!). I moved in land from there and lived in Rome for 5 years.

I missed the sea incredibly and looking back my next move to Brighton in UK, was my subconscious tell me I needed to fill my boots with sea air. From there London called my name and helped me to carve a career. Having had enough of the buzz of the big city, I moved back down to the South Coast where I grew up, having completed a not so perfect full circle.

Those areas where the breeze of the sea were missing made me realise that the coast is in my blood and cannot be replaced.

Today, I spend my time trying to beg, borrow or steal (not really) a spot on anyone’s yacht so I can quench my obsession with the sea.  I partake in corporate regattas through work and jollies out on the water whenever I can.

My dream is to have a boat of my own and I intend to take the RYA Day Skipper Course to provide myself with the ever-important confidence to take the plunge and venture out on the water solo without the support of a skipper.

At the time of writing this we are a midst the third lockdown through this never-ending pandemic, an event that’s thrown us all a massive curve ball. It was my longing for the water that inspired me to put this website together during the first lockdown. Cycling down the coast to Hayling Island beach along the Billy Line and seeing the myriad of boats either on shore in the sailing clubs or moored on the water, made be yearn for a sport I have missed so much.

Being central to the Solent, everywhere you look there are sailing clubs near me however no one point of contact. The Solent has the most Sailing Clubs per square mile in the UK by miles. There are various club websites or sites for learning the multitude of courses you can qualify in, however where do you start? This is a question I found myself asking again and again. This website is intended to be one hub where you can go to find everything you need or at least an easy link to follow.

I hope this website brings the sailing community down south together ( and beyond) and helps any budding enthusiast find their journey through the daunting seas a little less scary, so they can conquer the waves with others.

Happy Sailing!


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